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  • Using Hidden Spy Cameras to Expose Elder Abuse

    When faced with the question “ is my older friend being abused", it may seem logical that the only preventative measure is keeping elderly loved ones close to home, whether that measure is by caring for them yourself, or placing them in the care of a trusted loved one. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method to preventing elder abuse. What makes elder abuse even more tragic is the fact that family members and caregivers are most often those inflicting abuse or neglect.

    Elder abuse can take many forms:

    • Physical - injuring or otherwise inflicting pain on an older adult
    • Emotional - making threats or verbally abusing
    • Financial - Misuse of an older adults assets
    • Sexual - any sexual activity that is unwanted or an older adult is not capable to be aware of
    • Confinement - isolating or restraining an older adult when it is unnecessary
    • Personal Needs - not providing food, clothes, medical care, etc.

    Elder abuse is most often the result of the older adult having dementia and not having the awareness of what is happening around them. As many as 5 million people are estimated to be subject to elder abuse each year. It is also estimated that only 1 in 14 cases is reported. This could be the result of the fact that over 50% of the abusers are family members such as adult children or a spouse.

    Older adults who are subject to elder abuse are THREE TIMES more likely to die than those who do not suffer any abuse. 300% more likely to die!

    It is highly suggested that early planning is put into place so the desires of the older adult are documented and established to prevent them from basically being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    There are reports that many elder care facilities employ people with a criminal past, so it is highly advisable to check out these facilities and their staffs carefully.

    If you are a close friend of an elderly person who you sense may be subject to elder abuse, there are products you can purchase that can secretly record video and often audio. Products such as an alarm clock hidden camera or perhaps a hidden camera mirror. These tools could help protect your friend and others by uncovering the person committing these awful acts of abuse on an older adult.

  • Wildfire Pepper Gel - The Antidote to Badass Bullies

    Bullying is often defined as the use of threats, bodily harm or embarrassment to abuse, create fear, demean or otherwise take aggressive actions to take control over other people. The behavior is often repeated, habitual and often results in the victim becoming submissive to the perpetrator.

    Bullies seem to perceive by default that they have a balance of power that exceeds that of their victims. This distinguishes their relationship with their victim(s) as less than a conflict and more of a domination. That being said, a bully's behavior is used to assert domination and can include verbal harassment, physical assault or coercion, and such behaviors may be performed over and over again towards their victims. Bullies often rationalize their actions due to differences of social status, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, strength, reputation and the like.

    If you or someone you know is subject to bullying, abusive behavior, bodily harm, etc. and needs an antidote to regain control of their lives then you need to be a friend and share these products with them so they can level the playing field. WildFire Flip Top Pepper Gel is a prime deterrent that can disable an assailant for as long as 45 minutes. Because it is a gel, it sticks to the skin and trying to wipe it off just makes things worse. It can be more effective than regular pepper spray and disable the attacker for a longer period of time. Another WildFire Pepper Gel is the WildFire Pepper Gel Pistol Grip. The benefit of this pepper gel is that it is a larger container and can shoot at distances up to 20 feet so you can maintain a safe distance from an attacker and it is very accurate to fire. Take a look at [https://www.crimestopr.com] for your self defense needs.

  • Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns and Tasers as Defensive Tools

    Self defense tools have been very useful non-lethal weapons for law enforcement officers for many years. These tools originated hundreds of years ago if not longer. In more recent years self defense tools have become more mainstream within the public domain.

    Many manufacturers such as Taser, Stun Master, Mace brand and others decided to make these products more user friendly to the general public due to their success within the law enforcement community.

    Most self defense products provide a non-lethal option of self protection versus the use of guns which can ultimately lead to death and criminal charges. These products when used properly can provide an excellent opportunity to protect a potential victim from harm and provide an opportunity to escape unscathed by immobilizing a potential attacker. Self defense products operate in different ways while essentially giving the same end result. Some are better than others depending on the situation you are faced with.

    Let me share some details with you:

    Pepper spray is a derivative of cayenne pepper. The active ingredient is oleoresin capsicum also referred to as " OC ". When sprayed directly in the face it has the effect of causing a burning sensation on the skin and can lead to choking, shortness of breath and loss of concentration allowing a potential victim to escape.

    Tasers technically are a stun gun but are generally much more powerful. They use new electro-muscular disruption (EMD) technology that disables an assailant by overriding the central nervous system. Two electrified probes travel at distances up to 15 feet and attach to the perpetrator and essentially stop them in their tracks. They have been proven to be highly effective at stopping assailants.

    Stun guns, on the other hand, use high-voltage and low amps to disable an attacker for up to 10 minutes. A prime example of an effective stun gun is the Trigger brand. The electrical charge causes the muscles to work very rapidly depleting all the blood sugars in the assailant's body so he has no energy left to do anything. This stunning effect allows time for escape, to call 911 or otherwise get help.

    Pepper sprays and stun guns are relatively inexpensive with costs as low as $10.00 up to as much as $100.00. You can get a good pepper spray for as little as $10. Tasers are more like law enforcement type weapons and start around $399.00 for a unit like a Taser Pulse. These are low prices to pay for your personal safety or that of your loved ones. [https://www.crimestopr.com]


  • Can a Hidden Spy Camera Add to Your Bottom Line?

    I spent 30 years in the restaurant business as an employee, in management and ultimately as an owner of multiple locations in two states. Back in the early years, point of sale equipment ( cash registers, etc. ) were not very sophisticated and it could be difficult to detect whether theft was occurring. You could detect loss by doing regular inventory of food products, but catching someone stealing cash could be difficult. Many restaurants did not employ the use of hidden spy cameras back then, so you didn't have that capability and what was available was often very expensive, bulky and obvious.

    The theft of cash could be rampant. I remember a male cashier who worked for me and after he had been employed for a while I noticed he started wearing gold bracelets, necklaces, etc. It definitely got my attention. He came to work one day and I put him on a cash register and let him get comfortable for a while. It was several hours before his shift was over and I unexpectedly pulled his cash drawer, printed a report and counted the money. His cash till was over $50.00. It turns out he was not ringing up all food ordered, but was collecting full price. He was keeping track of the excess cash in his cash drawer by making hash marks on a piece of paper and secretly withdrawing the excess cash before his shift ended. If I had a tool such as this hidden camera that looks like a smoke detector, I could have probably caught him early on.

    Theft of cash in the office area was also a problem as this is where the management counted money and stored it in the safe. If money was left unattended, it was not unusual for some of it to come up missing. There are some very ingenious tools available today that can be put to use inexpensively to help catch thieves and remove them from your organization. Here is one example: hidden spy camera with digital video recorder.

    Hidden spy cameras come in many shapes and sizes today, are affordable and can record in color, can record audio and be very effective in helping you add to your bottom line. [https://www.crimestopr.com]

  • Could a Taser Save Your Life?

    Now that I have created a website offering products to keep people safe, I am reminded about that fateful day in the year 2000 when I lost my wife's Sister and her husband at the hand of a gunman. It was Mother's Day. My sister in law Tammy, her husband and their two children had been at my mother in law's home for a barbecue on Mother's Day. After spending time together, my sister in law and her immediate family headed home. It was daylight. When they got home, they were in their back yard when they were approached by a gunman who murdered them both. Their 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter were there when this tragedy occurred. My sister in law and her husband were just in their thirties. So young.

    I often wonder if Wade ( brother in law ) had been armed with a Taser Pulse if he could have reversed the odds in this situation. He was in fact an avid hunter and would have had guns in his home. A Taser Pulse will shoot at a distance of 15 feet which does give you some room for protection. A Taser will disable an assailant long enough for you to call 911 or take some other measure to gain control of the present situation. It is also designed to be compact and easily concealed as well as being easy to withdraw from its Taser holster. When you have expended the cartridges from your Taser, you can easily replace them for about $35.00 each. See: Taser cartridges.

    Turn on the TV and in any given week there is some unanticipated tragedy where lives are lost. I certainly never expected anything like this to happen in my family. Please be prepared and be safe. [https://www.crimestopr.com]

  • Hidden Spy Cameras and Home Protection

    With crime on the upswing, improving technology has lead to a decrease in home security prices. Many devices such as hidden spy cameras have dropped in price over the years and the  hidden spy camera is one of the most popular to experience a price decrease. As kids we dreamed about Dick Tracy like devices that are today an affordable reality.

    Today hidden spy cameras are included with pin cameras, pens, and even cameras that are hidden in a pair of glasses. In many cases you can view the recordings on your TV sets and since many are motion activated, you don't have to fast forward through a ton of video. You just watch what was caught by the motion detector.

    Along with spy cameras there is also a variety of other devices that you can use to protect your home, personal property and yourself such as smoke detector hidden cameras,  door and window alarms, alarm clock hidden cameras , wrist watch cameras and even hidden spy camera mirrors with built in DVD recorders. If you live in an area experiencing a high incidence of car break ins, there is a rear view mirror hidden camera and a dash cam hidden camera to help you catch those thieves. Often the cameras will just capture color images and are activated by motion detectors. Other hidden cameras will record video and audio as well. Almost everything is available at an affordable price, unless you choose to have professional installation. Professional installation will cost a lot more money, possibly even thousands of dollars if you have a big house.

    For protection around the home or anywhere else you travel, a spy camera can be a great investment. These cameras are becoming more and more popular these days due to the drop in price. Although they were very expensive when they were first introduced, those times have changed. You can get a spy camera now for just a few hundreds bucks-- making it an investment you can never go wrong with. [www.crimestopr.com]

  • Wildfire Pepper Spray Protection for Women Realtors

    Having spent nearly 15 years in the real estate industry, I have been a witness to many situations where women in the real estate business have been put in situations that compromised their personal safety. Not only am I in the real estate business, but so is my only Sister, my only child and my elderly Father. When I worked for D.R. Horton, the nation's largest publicly owned builder, there was a story in the news about the horrible murder of a female agent who was alone manning a model home in one of their communities. I met a woman who also worked for D.R. Horton who was confronted by a naked man in her model home in broad daylight. There have been many other occasions where I received alerts from the local home builder's association notifying real estate agents about suspicious men attempting to trap or harm women working alone in model homes in new home communities. Products such as Wildfire Pepper Spray or a Mace pepper spray gun could make the difference in your personal safety and well being. If you are showing a property at night or a property with no electricity, you might consider a stun gun flashlight or perhaps a personal alarm to draw attention to your situation. We often take for granted that nothing will happen to us in the workplace and that we are safe, but it is a known fact in the real estate industry that we are often in the company of people we have never met, who may have flown in from somewhere else, who may be riding in our personal vehicles with us or who are being shown properties that are vacant with no one else there but us and an unknown person(s). Please give this story careful consideration and share this link with your friends: www.crimestopr.com Thank you and be safe!

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